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Dande-lier is an urban lighting pavilion inspired by the dandelion flower. It features a reciprocal dome that pioneers the alternative use of PVC pipes and translucent umbrellas – everyday objects reimagined as architectural components. At night, the pavilion is transformed into a theatre of lights, with colours and projected animations changing according to people's movement. Sensors are placed in the centre of the pavilion, triggering different set of pre-programmed lighting effects based on number of people and proximity to the centre in various zones. Through technology, urban public space can now dynamically response to human behaviours, and possibly cater for diverse communities in future. 


Dande-lier was designed in collaboration with Web Structures on reciprocal structure and  Prof. Yuen Chau of SUTD on smart lighting system. The design was featured at iLight Marina Bay 2017 and was shortlisted for the 5th LafargeHolcim Awards 2017 and S. Arch International Architecture Awards 2018 (Completed Project). Lights by Harman Professional, Photos by Oddinary Studios and video by Paperplanes.


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