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Touchpoint @ AMK433

TOUCH Community Hub

Touchpoint @ AMK433 or TOUCH Community Hub is the first built project modelled after the typology Community Pocket in the book Second Beginnings. It is realised after many engagements and dialogues with residents, community and multiple stakeholders. This project is a first of its kind to transform a Singapore public housing void deck into a seamless indoor-outdoor space amidst greenery and yet remain assessable to public. Seniors who regularly hang out under its void deck can continue to do so. 


Series of pavilions, gardens and flexible indoor area allow pockets of activities to co-exist. Seniors can initiate interest-based activities, exercise, attend health checks and pick up skills to help other seniors in the community. The community hub aims to strengthen care at the community level and at the same time foster a culture of mutual support among ageing residents in Singapore public housing estates.   

TOUCH Community Hub was shortlisted for The President*s Design Award Singapore 2020 and won the Wellness Integration of the Year at the 7th APAC Eldercare Innovation Award 2019, for best architecture design by a firm that integrates wellness to support living environments for older people.

Project Architect: Freight Architects





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